FAQ: Can I perform *all* the wedding standards?

It depends on your interpretation of what "standards" are. For example, traditional in a religious sense can have vastly varying meanings; even non-religious traditional means something. The traditional "Wedding March" or "Feelin' Hot Hot Hot" (a very common song at any wedding reception) are extreme examples at both ends of the music spectrum.

Consider this however: if you are planning a church ceremony, most already have their own musicians that are capable of providing exactly what you are looking for, usually at a very reasonable rate. Food for thought.

From a reception point of view, nothing can beat a great wedding band capable of pumping out rock classics as easily as they can a polka. The live feel of a group of musicians cranking out the hits makes even the finest DJs pale in comparison. With a band, at least the people who don't feel like dancing also get a good show.

For those who can't afford a band, there's always the one singer/one guitar entertainment, which I'm proud to say, has been successfully done at more than a few weddings. While my 12 string acoustic guitar has twice as many strings as a traditional guitar, there are still some limitations one singer/guitarist has. I do not perform with any canned accompaniment ("band-in-a-box" or karaoke style) therefore, should one of your guests request "Hotel California" by the Eagles, I will happily oblige ...but your guests will have to air-guitar the blazing solo at the end of the song... :-)

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