FAQ: Do I have a Band?

Sometimes, yes. However, the bands I have play primarily original music and are not what you would consider a "wedding band". If you also need a full band, it would involve a separate contract to hire the professional band of your liking. I can assist you in finding such a band and can work closely with them to develop the material you require. This, of course, would affect your total cost of entertainment for your wedding.

A good option available is to contact Rick Smith (details below) who is an entertainment bookings manager. He has a long list of dozens of artists capable of doing various styles, including duos, trios, bands, etc.:

Rick Smith
Metcalfe Music Entertainment
(613) 821-1195 (Office)
(613) 286-3214 (Cell)
Normal Office Hours - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm - Monday thru Friday

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