FAQ: Do not pay SOCAN fees directly to musicians!

When it comes time to sign on the bottom line, the venue(s) you book for your wedding or event will charge you a "SOCAN Fee". This is standard for all venues that have the performance of live and/or recorded music as an integral component of the event.

Again, when it comes time to sign on the bottom line, the musician or entertainment company should NOT charge you a SOCAN Fee. If they try to, tell them they have no mandate to collect such fees and would they please strike it off the contract.

If you have any doubts or if you want to learn more about SOCAN Fees, visit them here.


  1. Keep in mind venues can overcharge the SOCAN fee as well. We got married last year and the hall wanted $250 for SOCAN fee's, I verified their website and it only cost me $59 because of capacity.

    Also please keep this in mind.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this information. Good on you for having done your homework.


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